An interdisciplinary competition

Can you think outside the box? Do bold ideas pay off? Can everyone afford to be brave? What does courage mean to you? Is there a need for more audacity in society? Why? And what do you want?

The Fondation d’Letzeburger Land and the University of Luxembourg invite young authors, photographers, illustrators and cartoonists to spell out their wishes, thoughts and analyses.

We encourage inventive, critical, creative and bold young talent. Students from all degree courses from or in Luxembourg are invited to enter the competition. We seek the best features, short stories, portraits, interviews, and commentaries in the “print” category. In the “image” category we are looking for the best pictures, photo features, drawings, illustrations and cartoons.

For both categories, a jury will award prizes of 1 500, 1 000 and 500 euros respectively. Other outstanding contributions will also be published in the weekly newspaper d’Lëtzebuerger Land in December.

Entry deadline: 31st October 2013

Lëtzebuerger Land and competition: Next Generation: Be bold!

The Letzeburger Land Foundation organises a writing and illustration competition for students with the goal to promote young talent.

The competition is organised in partnership with the University of Luxembourg and is open to all students who follow a higher education or university degree course at an institution in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg or who are domiciled in Luxembourg and study abroad.

The theme of the competition to be addressed by participants is “Next Generation: Be bold!”.

The competition will reward the best contributions in the “print” and “image” categories, which will be published in the weekly d’Lëtzebuerger Land.

In addition to their publication, the best three contributions in each category will be awarded 1 500, 1 000 and 500 euros of prize money respectively.

One jury per category, each composed of members of the editorial staff of the d’Lëtzebuerger Land and external experts, will select the contributions to be published and will determine the winners of the competition.

The jury’s deliberations are not public and their decisions cannot be appealed against, all legal recourse being excluded.

The contributions in the “print” category can be factual and/or describe or express an opinion. All types of written contributions, except lyric, will be accepted, notably, commentaries and analyses, news stories, features, portraits, columns, essays and/or short stories. Submitted texts may not exceed 10 000 characters including spaces and punctuation.

In the “image” category, photographic pictures, photographic stories, drawings, caricatures and cartoons will be accepted.

Written contributions must be in French, German, Luxembourgish or English.

The contributions to the Next Generation 2013 competition must be posted at the latest on 31st October 2013, whether by mail to, Lëtzebuerger Land, B.P. 2083, L-1020 Luxembourg (the postal stamp evidencing the date of posting), or by email to, (the reception date evidencing the date of posting). The dispatch must carry the mention “Concours Next Generation 2013” and include evidence that the author is a student following a higher or university education as described above.

Images sent by electronic means must be sent in high resolution (300 dpi, size 1:1). Images selected for publication will be published in black and white.

The age limit to participate in the competition is 29 years as of 31st December 2013. The following are excluded from participating in the competition: members of the Letzeburger Land Foundation board of directors, members of board of managers of the Éditions Lëtzebuerger Land S.à r.l., the Lëtzebuerger Land editorial staff, the members of the jury and their respective immediate family and relatives by marriage to the second degree.

The contributions to the Next Generation 2013 competition must be unpublished.They may not have been published or distributed by any means, in full or by extract, before the publication of the selected contributions in the Lëtzebuerger Land.

For the purpose of their potential publication in the Lëtzebuerger Land, each author grant a licence to the Éditions d’Lëtzebuerger Land S.à.r.l. for a single publication of his/her work. The authors agree that their work may be edited by the editorial staff of the Lëtzebuerger Land.

The authors of the published contributions will be remunerated at the current rate for external contributions to the Lëtzebuerger Land.

The authors furthermore agree to a potential public exhibition of his/her work on the premises of the University of Luxembourg.

The tender of contributions will constitute acceptance without reserves of these regulations.

The original version of these regulations is in French. In case of discrepancy, the French version will prevail.